PC: Jacob Devereaux

Name: Jacob Devereaux
Race: Tiefling
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Class: Ranger

Descriptions: Jacob Devereaux, born second son of his father Hunter Devereaux whom was a court assassin of Grom, had raised his children well with a loving mother in the cold recesses of Grom’s very heart intending to make them into formidable persons individually but also to raise them in such a way that they would have determination and values though his approach to raising Jacob was with a heavy hand. It is due to this heavy hand and the lifestyle that Jacob lead growing up that lead to his slightly tanned but otherwise emotionless features which hide well the detailing of the scars his father had left on him growing up to teach him how to fight.

With dark hair like his father he bore readily the wavy hair of his ancestry in addition to the deep
blue eyes of his mother which only further accented his features in a manner not dissimilar to the
elven marking of the bear that marked his cheek. His hands, roughly callused through hard work
and vicious measures of training, were long and slender as was common to most of elvenkind.
Worn upon his form he would typically be seen in his armors with plate, chain, and leathers
readily adorning a figure of a man who wanted above all to stand against any threats that came
upon him as often he could be seen not only with the cloak of a gromian wolfs pelt but also a
shield bearing the sigil of his family backdropped by the gromian sigil. At his hip he wore a
broadsword in a fine leather sheath with quiver often strapped to his opposing hip and a
compound hunting bow braced across his form along his back.

Jacob in all of his best efforts typically only rose a soft smile ­ almost shy in nature ­ when
around friends but otherwise often enough he looked like he had been whipped recently and held
a determined if stoic visage on his grim and serious features. In all ways and measures Jacob
looked like a Gromian fighter the only offsetting feature between himself and any other beyond
his wavy hair was the elven mark tattooed on his right cheek bearing black, red, and blue inks in
the form of the Bear sigil.

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