PC: Johnny Valconner

Name: Johnny Valconner
Player: Spartans282
Details: Human, Male, Mid 20’s, Fighter/Gunslinger
┬áJohnny Valconner is an upkeept man. His hair is brown and cutt short as a comb over. His skin is a pale white with a stubbled 5’0″ clock shadow. He has a scar on the right side of his face from his nose down the side of his cheek to his jaw.He has leather best and straps with a holster for his pistol. Oh his back is strapped in Schimitar, next to a longbow and quiver. He has a cowboy hat on his hip he only wears when on the road. Under his leather vest is noble clothing of White and Royal blue with a white ruffle and a gem on his neck.
Permanent Room:
 Living quarters of a almost dirty and dusty room. There is one small bed, along with tinkers bench and workshop tools. Bits and metal with bolts and multiple tools are in this room. More of a office workshop than an actual room. Johnny calls this room home and spends most of his time inventing creations than actually sleeping.

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