PC: Kaide Knight

Name: Kaede Knight (Kaede)
Player: Zorod#6805
Gender: Female (Concealed as Male)
Age: Early 20s
Class: Rogue

A little less than 1.7m tall
Slim build
In a slightly tattered cloak.
Puts on fake masculine voice to pretend as male.
Always wears a bandana to tie up and hide long hair
Carries small daggers in side pouches.
Has a sling bag carrying other items including:

  • Books
  • Writing materials
  • Clothing
  • Food and water
  • Very little money

Untrusting at first, Kaede would always introduce herself as Zorod, a more Male name.
Timid and fearing men, Kaede would usually avoid men unless necessary or if she feels comfortable.
Curious and inquisitive, Kaede seeks out to find more information and books to learn from.

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