PC: Karne Redbeard

Name: Karne Redbeard
Player: Morkirian
Details: Half-human, Quarter-Dwarf, Quarter Ancestral Being…

Standing at six feet in height, the only sign of his dwarven heritage is the gruff unkept beard upon his chin. Shoulder length unkept brown hair is filled with forest debris; twigs, small sticks and even leave are commonplace.

His complexion is that of a tanned, weathered man somewhere around forty years of age although a lot of the colour is caused by ground in dirt. In drastic comparison, Karne’s eyes seem to almost glow with a piercing blue that is almost impossible to ignore.

Average in build for a human, Karne is clad in mismatched leather and fur armour, presumably made for practicality rather than looks it mutes all of Karne’s movement noise surprisingly well.

Strapped to his back in an old leather scabbard is a tarnished silver longsword covered in a layer of grime. At his waist a pair of bone daggers are stuffed awkwardly behind his old worn weapons belt.

He walks with a slight limp and can occasionally be seen carrying a kite shield strapped to his small traveling pack.

Karne is a calculating individual who is often overlooked in the world. Normally shying away from large groups of people he is happiest when alone although seems to fight an internal struggle to be included by others. Formerly a gate guard Sgt for a far away city, Karne took it upon himself to move out into the wilds of the world to protect others from the horrors of the world before they threaten civilized areas. He considers himself a normal man yet his eyes tell a different story that he is yet to reveal…

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