PC: Koenraad Rynward

Name: Koenraad Rynward
Player: Nidair
Details: A 27 year old male human monk

Behold Koenraad, standing stout with his red hair flowing wildly,
usually with a confident grin on his face. He wears a sleeveless,
stylish black leather coat that, despite not being magical, has several
arcane-looking symbols on it, surrounding the outline of a dragon that
spans the entire back of the coat. When he feels like it, he wears a
white shirt above his also black pants, but on other occasions he struts
around barechested. He also has a tattoo of a pouncing tiger on lower
right arm.
Being raised in a rural village, Koenraad had an early life of hardship,
working at their farm. As his father was learned in treating animals, he
was often away, leaving the boy to be raised mostly by his mother.
During this time, he started to train with the tough men of the village
in order to get some experience with weaponry, but he soon discovered he
was most at home fighting barehanded. Getting a reputation of an able
wrestler in the village and around, Koenraad was allowed to fight along
the veterans when the village had to be defended, even though he was not
yet an adult.

Disaster struck when his father got into an argument with a woman
unfamiliar to Koenraad, just before leaving for work again. Not a day
later, his mother had a disastrous transformation, turning into an
abominable horror right in front of his eyes. He was only able to escape
with the help of an assassin, Xani, who happened to be in the area.
Since she effectively saved his life, he joined the assassin’s league
she was a part of, and they became friends afterwards.
Koenraad and Xani became friends within the assassin’s league, though
their occupation didn’t allow them to see each other often. When Xani
left the league, Koenraad reportedly left as well, his loyalty for a
good friend and the prospect of the restoration of his mother eventually
winning over his loyalty towards the league.
Koenraad is a man who is not afraid to flaunt his strengths and brag
about them, often with a quick smirk of confidence. He is quick to trust
people, and loyal to a fault. On the other side, being more or less
raised in a barn means he’s not the courteous type, and his manners
leave something to be desired. Nevertheless, this man is not the type to
run from a challenge quickly, and is a good shoulder to lean on.

Koenraad usually carries some tinder and a long dagger with him, bearing
little else than his clothing. When he ventures out for adventure, the
red-headed man will take some apparel with him, though not more than a
torch and some medicine, most of which is primarily useful for animals
apart from a pair of healing potions.

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