PC: Kolreid Ravencrone

Name: Kolreid Ravencrone

Player: Nidair

Details: A halforc in his late 20’s, thief/fighter

Kolreid is rather short for a halforc, reaching just over 6 feet, though
he makes up for it with sheer muscle mass, showing bare arms when
possible. His other main feature is a red bandanna which covers his
blonde hair and most of his eyes, and a thick leather waistbelt proudly
displaying his trusty chain-mounted grappling hook. The rest of his
clothes are worn-looking pants, shirts and boots, not as worn to be
called rags, but they have enough slits and holes to show his muscular
frame isn’t just limited to his arms.

While Kolreid’s clothes show quite the neglect, his weapons are
well-maintained. Apart from a few stains he has been unable to wipe off
it, a brutal broadsword is strapped to his back. On his waistbelt, he
sports a grappling hook tied to a chain, and a pair of daggers.
Concealed in the back of his bandanna are a pair of lockpicks. When he
sets out for adventure, he carries a bag with him containing rope, a
bear trap, a pair of healing potions, and a hooded lantern, together
with a tinderbox.

Personality & Concept:
To people who don’t know him, Kolreid can come off as ill-tempered and
bitter, but underneath his desire not to draw people into his misfortune
lies a caring and loyal man. Though pessimistic, he is reliable and
level-headed, and not one eager to take unnecessary risks. He is also
very protective of his possessions, particularly his grappling hook, and
sometimes this “guardianship” extends to people he has come to trust.
If the situation gets messy, Kolreid likes to get up close as fast as
possible, using his grappling hook if needed.

After his father Frymuth ventured into the Underdark to search for
rumored riches, Kolreid tried to follow his trail a few months later,
but he was plagued by a series of hilarious disasters, ranging from
accidentally rejecting a marriage proposal from a wealthy noble, to
preparing all the furniture needed for a banquet only to realize humans
were on the menu. Nevertheless, he continues seeking his father as well
as the riches they both left their home for, not wanting to return to
his family.

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