PC: Lady Elace Ulda’k

Name: Lady Elace Ulda’k
Player: Spartans282
Details: Half-Orc, Female 21 , Eldritch Knight

Lady Elace has Dark Black hair, Green eyes and Pale Green skin tone. She has armor in the shape of a Dire wolf head (Chainmail). She carries Two long swords on each hip, Two Hand-Ax’s, With a Explorrers pack. She has Black noble clothing underneith her armor with Silver trimming.

She is over carrying for her Fellow knights. Rushes into battle to save others for Justice. Seems over emotional at points in time.

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  • 22nd September 2016 at 2:20 pm

    Died on the 16th of September due to being sucked into an orb of pure darkness.

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