PC: Loreleiwyn

Name: Loreleiwyn
Player: WG4575
Details: Half-elf Female, mid 20s, Paladin

Loreleiwyn wears mainly white and silver, a sign of dedication to the Order she resides with. She wears a light chestplate over cloth, with a knee-length white cape clipped to it. She wears white pants, with stylish metal boots. She wears metal bracers around her wrists, and a white veil over her head. She has red hair, but that is usually unseen. She has green eyes. She wields a holy mace, a gift from her father, a shield for protecting herself, and a charm for casting spells.

Cheerful and happy nearly all the time, it’s rare to find Loreleiwyn in a negative mood. She’s chipper, and sometimes that leads to her being a bit annoying. But in the midst of battle, she’s dead serious and doesn’t play around!

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