PC: Lyra “Elfish” Pressleaf

Name: Lyra “elfish” Pressleaf
Race: half Aquatic elf half Melenti
Player: the dr of peppers
Details: aquatic elf, female, 90, rogue

She has dark brown hair with pink external gills hanging out , mid olive skin tan skin, and pointy large elf ears,  a tail with fins. for all intensive purposes she is a salamander

1 khopesh, 20 knives, 2 med kits, a strange wetsuit armor,

Lyra is an abnormally energetic and excitable individual who always enjoys a good prank or a good fair fight, In contrast to her usual behavior elfish has developed a very sketchy and somewhat threatening set of behavioral traits resulting from her criminal past. Lyra has been known to commit crimes against people she has deemed to be untrustworthy.

Mr. Toad the Frog

Lyra was born as a result of an awkward mistake between an aquatic elf and a Melenti spy not knowing that they were not the same race. another result of this mistake was that she had to move around the world allot to avoid both the Aquatic elves and the Melenti. Lyras Melenti mother taught her to be cruel towards her enemies and to always be prepared or a betrayal, while her father taught her to do her best for the people she can trust.

when Lyra was 12 her and were parents were captured, her parents executed in front of the town, while she was banished from the forgotten realms. entering her new world she has lived on the streets committing crimes and odd jobs for survival until recently when she entered the tavern.

A small list of crimes Elfish has committed against people are similar but not limited too, robbery (Armed and unarmed),theft, breaking and entering, arson, brawling, and more

Her weaknesses are poison, becoming dehydrated, and going on land or water multiple days at a time (she needs both water and air to survive)

Lyra can also regenerate her limbs and gills as well as replace her limbs with other people’s missing limbs.

Magic Items
Cloak of invisibility

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