PC: Mahaulin

Name: Mahaulin
Player: FaRayne (belphazor)
Details: Gnome, male, 73, Wizard

He’s about 3’1″ tall and wears a black dwarven cloak that’s been hemmed up at the base of it in order to accommodate his height, however it stretches around in front of him and covers up his front fairly well so it’s difficult to see what he has underneath it, however whenever he walks a certain kind of cackling noise can be heard from within, something akin to stones rubbing against one another. He keeps his hood up mostly but when he removes it you can see he has a few facial piercings, most notably one on his lip, eyebrow, and a stud the the bridge of his nose. His hair is shortcut and black, and his smile never ceases to stop, albeit a little… unsettling.

He laughs when others falls for his tricks and has a hard time knowing when to stop. He’ll prank others till he’s satisfied and tends to go a little… far. He doesn’t enjoy working with others but finds that being around others leads to unexpected things, so he deals with it and hangs around, because the unexpected is what he thrives on.

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