PC: Makaar Haraan


Race: Green Dragonborn

Gender: Male

Age: 28 DoB: 2/10

Concept: Skilled duelist, swashbuckler and diplomat with poor health


One of the first notable features about Makaar is his colouration; a range of sickly and mottled greens. The second is his size, or lack thereof. In comparison to the average size and stature of his kind, Makaar is short and far leaner.  In fact he appears almost gaunt and malnourished. However his scales shift cleanly over powerful muscles. A form built for power, speed and unmarred by conflict.

Fresh scars cross his exposed flesh and even one extending from his brow across the crown of his head. He clearly favours his left leg, limping purely out of habit. The wound his brother caused has healed and truly does not impede his movement.


While used, damage and repaired, Makaar’s leather armour is remarkably fine quality. Styled like a vest over a sleeveless doublet and faulds with a set of shoulder caps. Added is a set of metal vambraces and greaves, a dull bronze in colour. This armour set is adorned with tasteful silver designs and edging on the metal and leather vest.

A rapier and shortsword sits on his left hip, a dagger on his right. Their scabbards decorated in the same way as his leather, a matching set. The blades themselves are finely crafted, again with silver on this hilts and opals set into the pommels of the larger two.

He also bares two rings, one an ornate signet ring of his family, another a plain metal wedding band. The second he invested what remained of his valuables to get magically bound to his wife’s, allowing the two of them to communicate.



Makaar is a kind and stoic man, who takes steps to accept and acknowledge those he meets. He views the actions of a man or woman as defining who they are. It does not mean he is naive and generally waits to judge before he trusts. Although he is quick to side with one he views as wronged, and generally judges prejudicial and evil worldviews harshly. He does have a dislike of his own kind in general, having never met one that is genuinely kind and caring.


The Haraans were a minor noble family that claim to be descendants or connected to great green dragons. They exalt in their cruelty, manipulation, pride and ‘strength’. Following the attack on their estate, Makaar’s escape and Eran’s death at his hands it is unknown to Makaar how many are still alive.

Ashlynn Haraan – Makaar’s wife and the owner of Greenleaf Elixirs.


The Haraans are a minor although extensive family of Dragonborn nobles in Khanta. Known for their high quality of wares, mostly clothing and fabrics. Although they are not the kindest of families, unkind to their workers, sometimes even cruel. Often forcing them into indentured servitude. The are also as rough on their own family members, giving their children little favour.

Makar was born sickly, forced to the bottom of the pecking order in his family as his weakness prevent him from participating in studies or training. He fell into obscurity to his cousins and his younger brother. Even when his sicknesses eventually subsided he was still obviously smaller, rather frail looking and weaker than most of his kind.

However he rejoices in the attention he could get from outside. He finds that his skills lie elsewhere; In honeyed words, fancy blade work and light feet. Things that draw the attention of the easily impressed common folk. He got into a habit of sneaking from his home to explore the less reputable part of the city. Where his money and quick tongue could sway the common thief or brigand to his will. The times when he has been accosted by these people he shows his did not skip out on his training. His skill with a sword and hard earned strength makes up for his weaknesses.

Makar quickly built up a double life, he found he prefered spending his time among the people. A refreshing change from his family’s harsh treatment and social structure. Here he could be open and friendly and gain the respect of others for his kind actions. He grew to a point of extremity, he twisted more and more away from his family’s way of thinking. He did all in his growing power and skills to improve the livelihood of the under trodden and oppressed. Even eventually striking out directly against the crueler ones in power. Stealing their belongings and even killing the worst in their sleep.

Except in the end his naivety and foolishness was his downfall, he struck too many influential targets and was not careful enough. He trusted too freely, unaware of the cruelty of his life and his childhood was reflected even among the common folk. His identity was betrayed to one of his targets. Who then struck out at the Haraans in turn. When they learned of his actions, his own family turned on Makaar. Forced to flee in the attack, from both his family and enemies. His younger brother Eran swore to kill Makaar.

Fleeing into the wilderness, Makaar began to wander. Never willing to stay in the same place for too long, for his brother was always tracking him. Three times Eran and Makaar fought each other, with the older brother winning both fights. Due in part to Eran’s refusal to doing anything other than taking personal vengeance face to face and Makaar being the superior fighter.

Four years into his his travels, Makaar stopped by a small town of Greenleaf. Where through a superstition and tradition of the locals he was pressured to marry a local girl. Perhaps by chance he had already met Ashlynn, a farmer who wanted to escape her boring life.

After the new couple left Greenleaf, they became friends. Although there was no love between them, Ashlynn was the one friend that Makaar felt connected to since he she was the one he did not leave behind. Eventually Eran caught up for the second time and Makaar was forced to end his brother’s life in exchange for Ashlynn’s. Having travelled enough for one lifetime Makaar set off with his wife to find a new home. They found a niche on Greyshallow Island, where Ashlynn’s skill with plants could be put to use. Makaar used the remainder of his belongings to set up Greenleaf Elixars and enchant their rings as methods of communication.

Makaar himself take it upon itself to aid in organising adventures and journeys to the neighbouring islands. He also encourages the adventurers in the Gilded Galgatron to take a stand in protecting and policing the island itself.

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