PC: Mathew Dawnbringer

Name: Mathew Dawnbringer.
Race: Half-elf
Sex: Male
Age: Mid 20’s
Class: Blood Hunter

Family: Mathew is Marcus’s identical twin brother. They were raised by their Human father and Elvin Mother. Who were the Lord and Lady of their land.

Blood Hunter: Mathew sort out a way to help rid his brother of the Fey that tormented him. Knowing he was now alive and still being attacked. Mathew left his home in search of a way to become something that would help his brother reclaim his life. In his search, he found the Blood Hunter Griffin School. He pledged his life to the change, forsaking his home and titles. Turning himself into a beast. He trained for years in preparation to deal with the Fey. Now he has left the school and travels to where his brother is.

Mathew has been given Items from the Blood Hunters. These were given to him by the schools master so that he would have a greater chance of success on his journey.

Magic Trinket: Mathew has a necklace that he wears around his neck at all times. The necklace is in the shape of a Griffins head. When Monsters are nearby the area. They eye sockets in the necklace glow a blue light that alerts Mathew to its presence

Magic Armour: Mathew wears black scale mail armor. This armor has been sown together with black dragon scales into the shoulder pieces leading down into the chest area. This armor gives the wearer a +1 to AC (If this is okay with the mods of coarse)

Magic Weapon: Mathew owns a Silver great sword that he also obtained from the school. This silver sword when given the right words in the wearers hands, lights the writings engraved into the silver and glows giving him light to see in dark areas.

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