PC: Mercy

Name: Mercy
Race: Tiefling
Class: Paladin
Age: Late twenties

Mercy is a fairly unique looking individual, even for a Tiefling. He’s about 6ft 2in tall. He has pale blue skin and shoulder length dark blue hair. His eyes seem to be completely white. His horns are black and curled like those of a ram. He wears jet black and silver plate armor with a shield made of the same material. On the shield is the symbol of an upside down torch with a pair of wings. He carries an evil looking spear designed to cause horrific wounds.

Mercy is not exactly a happy man, or an overly kind individual. In fact, most people seem to bore him. He does his duty without question, healing the innocent, laying the dead to rest, and fighting the wicked, but he only truly seems happy when inflicting wounds on someone who deserves it. He seems to represent the duality of his twin patrons in his mortal form. The gentle and healing touch of Hypnos and the terrifying and uncaring attacks of Thanatos.


Mercy is accompanied everywhere by a raven named Branwen. Even if you don’t see her, she is always around, keeping an eye on her master. She only responds to his commands, which are given in infernal

Magic Weapon

Mercy’s spear has a powerful enchantment placed upon that only allows him to pick it up and wield it. He is also able to make it return to him after he has thrown it.

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