PC: Mr. Red

Name: Mr Red
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Race: Tiefling
Class: Cleric

Mr Red is a tiefling that travels with Shei Vardey. They have been travelling together for around a year and so far he has remained rather secretive about himself. He is fond of riddles and lives to cause mischief and strife. He most commonly appears as a red skinned tiefling with a black dinner jacket and matching tuxedo trousers. His black shirt and tie finish off the look. His shoes are made of an exquisite endangered reptile and his gloves are as soft as velvet. He has small discreet horns and eyes of unending blackness from lid to lid. His face is young but his mannerisms aren’t and he claims to have been summoned here by Shei. He carries a concealed rapier in an ebony cane and a shield that blends into his jacket when slung across his back. His tie is emblazoned with a red triangle facing downwards that is filled with swirling smoke.

Mr Red likes to travel, cause trouble and generally raise caine. He worships Leira, but otherwise seems to be rather well spoken, quiet and mysterious. He is fond of speaking in riddles and prefers to be slightly misunderstood at all times.

Role in the shop – Shop assitant, helps Shae

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