PC: Nancy Locke

Name: Nancy Locke
Player: EncounterBeth
Details: Human, female, 18, rogue/pirate

Nancy is a young woman, with long curling mousey brown hair. She is 5ft 6and has a pale complection, almost porcelain in colour. She wears a long flowing jacket, leather trousers and knee high boots, and a tricorn on her head. She has pale green eyes, and across her mouth she wears a black scarf. She duel wields flintlocks and has a cutlass at her hip. The cutlass is beautifully crafted, with the words ‘loyalty is our strength’ engraved in the blade. Around her neck, she has a leather thong, with a small merchant ship pendant hung from it, carved from a salvaged piece of wood from the wreckage of her fathers ship.

Nancy is loyal to the bone, motivated and has a habit to fight dirty at times, though this is mainly to protect those she cares about, rather than just to draw blood for the sake of it. She is very ‘mysterious’ at times – she is extremely secretive about her past, and very few people know the truth about her previous exploits, though many have heard various stories, she will neither confirm nor deny any of them because as far as she cares, if they make up their own stories, she doesn’t have to explain it herself. She can become very closed off and sometimes violent when people push too far. It was obviously a painful time for her, and it is clear that she would rather not talk about it. When you get to know Nancy, she is friendly and chatty and loves a good drink in the tavern, I mean, what kind of pirate doesn’t.

Nancy’s room is on the top floor of the Guilded Galgatron. As you walk in, it is set out much like you would expect any Captains Quarters to be. There is a desk at the far end of the room, ornately carved in a very dark coloured wood, and it is scattered with various charts, maps and letters. There is an ink pot and small pile of parchment, as well as a quill on the edge of the desk. You also see a black candle, and a small metal stamp next to it, that you assume is her personal seal. Behind the desk, there is a large, curving, bay window that looks out over the lake and forest beyond.

The walls are lined with shelves, containing books, scrolls, charts, trinkets and many, many bottles of rum, the shelves are carved out of the same wood as her desk. On the floor there is a soft, deep red shag pile rug that is warm and fluffy under your toes, and in the far, right hand corner of the room, there is a dark red curtain that seperates part of the room. As you step through the make shift door, there is a large four poster bed, with what seem to be re-purposed Pirate Sails as curtains surrounding the bed, and at the end there is a large mahogany chest, where she keeps her weaponry. There is a small bed side table to one side of the bed, and a wardrobe to the other. The walls, or those that you can see, and the floor of the room are planks of dark wood, similar in colour to the desk and shelves.




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