PC: Nazim the Hated

Discord Nickname: DeadEyeDemon
Name: Nazim the Hated
Player: Samuel
Details: Tiefling Variant With Wings, 24 yrs old, Male, Warlock(Blade/Great Old One)(Agonizing Blast)(Devils’ Sight)(Armor of Shadows)

Appearance: Black Skin, Dark Eyes that Emit Arcane Espers that look like smoke, long black hair, short black horns.

Equipment: Great Club that he has dubbed his “Wizard Staff”, Backpack, Ink and Parchment, Warlock Rod(Obsidian), Rapier, Rations, Water, A Set of Slaves Bindings from his homeland of Dun Algim.

Personality & Concept: Runaway Noble that made a deal with an Aboleth to live. Nazim the Hated earned his title through always trying to pull pranks on his closest friends, using magic to mess with his comrades is by far his favorite hobby. He is CG.

Family: Xar(pronounced “R”)’Kun-Father, Noble of Dun Algim.

Detta Mox-Mother, Slave Turned Wife to Xar.

Zharra Mox-Evil Step Sister.


Childhood: Nazim hated the way most of the commoners were considered nothing more than slaves to the nobility. Growing rapidly more aware with how evil his family, and his home was, he stowed away in a pirate vessel. He grew up as a pirate, and was used for a lookout for the “Sea Dragon



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