PC: Neer

Player Tag: TravisTheRed

Character Name: Neer (but he is almost always assuming someone else’s identity.)

Race: Changeling

Class: Rogue

Appearance: Neer’s appearance tends to change multiple times per day but he does have a true form. He has pale white featureless skin, white pupiless eyes with black rings around them. His pale green hair is usually kept at shoulder length. He wears black leather armor with his magical cloak over top.

Personality: Neer generally means no harm, but he has no problem getting his hands dirty in order to survive. Threaten a merchant to get he and his sister some food or medicine? He’ll do it in a heartbeat. Kill a city guardsmen who’s been blackmailing the local beggars? He’ll slit the man’s throat without a second thought. Show him kindness, however, and he’s likely to return it tenfold. He grew up on the streets with his twin sister, in a city that they both now refuse to speak of. They would take jobs for the local thieves guild to survive. Usually that would just mean stealing from a city councilman or some rich merchant. And sometimes, the guild would get a contract to commit a much harsher crime. In these cases, Neer and his sister would make absolutely sure that the planned victim deserved it before accepting it. His sister has been “reformed” for years now, happily making a meager living with her husband in Pearlside. Neer, however, still maintains connections with various thieves guilds, and occasionally accepts a contract or two, but only after knowing all of the variables.

Magical item: Neer has an enchanted cloak that has the ability change color and material, helping him to disappear into a crowd while on the run from authorities.

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