PC: Nikita “Kita” Wolfsmoon

Player: StarryNight
Name: Nikita “Kita” Wolfsmoon
Race: Wild Elf
Class: Barbarian – Wolf Totem
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 130 lbs
Skin: Tanned
Hair: Ebony
Eyes: Gold

Description: Markings on her body and face. Wears hides mostly, and some turquoise jewelry. Doesn’t wear shoes. Wields a one-handed war axe and a shield.

Pet: Kita has an animal companion, which is a white dire wolf named Ah’wu.

Lore: The Ale’ki People

It’s a village in the northern forest, about half a day’s run from the tavern, hidden by shamanistic wards. It’s a society much like Native American tribes, they have a chief, a medicine woman, (Nikita’s father, Chief Cahanto and mother, Alea, respectively.), as well as a village elder, which Nikita just calls “The Elder.” As the chief’s only child, Nikita, though being female, is the next in line for the title of Chief of the Ale’ki.

Their society is highly spiritualistic, and they see the influence of the Spirits in all things, including love. They conduct rituals often, in order to honor them. No human sacrifice, though, and they thank the spirits of the plants and animals they eat before each meal.

They respect every living thing, and, when they go hunting, they put every part of the hunted animal to some sort of use, in order for the spirit of the animal to be appeased.

Due to their isolation, they don’t really know much about the societies that dwell nearby. Though if they were open to trade, which may happen on the future, they have a large turquoise mine. (Which would explain why Nikita wears so much!)

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