PC: Nyx

Name: Nyx
Player: Nyxeris42
Details: Forest Gnome, Female, Rogue

Nyx is a Forest Gnome, reaching a staggering 3ft 3 inches, she is fairly slim. With long red hair that reaches down to the back of her knees in a plait, and her bright green eyes, she stands out more than most Gnomes. She wears slightly scuffed, but serviceable black trousers, leather boots and form fitting shirt that is embroidered with silver thread. She is obviously of the stealthy sort. She also wears a long coat that falls to her ankles. It looks weathered, but well taken care of, and contains a number of pockets both inside and out that contain a number of items that a rogue may need on her travels, from spare arrow heads to small vials of poison.

Nyx is very much one who is cautious around new people, but when you have gained her trust, she remains incredibly loyal. Known to be a little sassy from time to time, she is confident in her skills and abilities, and doesn’t stand for any insults against herself. Her roguish behaviour is due to her personal wish to travel and discover the world, and due to her small stature and her lack of strength with anything bigger than a mace, she decided to focus on her archery and her knack for hiding in the shadows to travel and protect herself. These have come in handy as through her travels as she has gained a “small” fear of spiders due to a rather unfortunate incident in a haunted forest.



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