PC: Radduin

Name: Radduin
Player: Irethgamer369
Details: Half-elf, Male, mid 20s,bard

Radduin is a wood elf but is half man, he stands at the height of 5’6 with beautiful warm hazel eyes. Wearing his white tannish wool shirt with a cotton jacket, it shows that he travels while performing. Radduin’s shoulder length dark brown hair can be in braids or in a ponytail. The wrist have nothing on them except for a single leather bracelet on the right wrist. His skin is so lightly tanned and has some peach fuzz on his face but mostly on his chin. His equipment that he always carry is a crossbow that is slung on his back, a long sword on his left hip and a short sword also tied on his back. The instrument Radduin carries is a lute which plays lovely melodies at the tip of his fingers.

Personality (Traits, bonds,flaws,ideals)
Radduin is a traveling bard that loves to see each smiling face on a person whenever he preforms for them. No matter where he goes or what he does for his act, he will see smiling faces. It almost shows that Radduin’s instrument is his precious item, because it reminds of someone he loved in the past. Some say that the lute was his girlfriend or fiancé. Radduin never talk’s about his hometown or what had happened to him because of some scandal that made him to never come back. With his music, it almost shows Radduin’s his mood because once his mood changes, it includes the tone of the music.

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