PC: Rakket

Name: Rakket
Player: LightAndPassion
Details: Half-Elf, Male, Mid 30s, Rogue


Rakket is Half-Elf but this is only obvious to someone who gets close enough and knows what to look for, shorter than most come to expect from one of his race but with the kind of lithe build that just screams ‘Lots and lots or training’ Clean shaven, dark brown almost black eyes with short roughly cut hair 1-2 inch long with a muddy brown-black with hints of red and even greys leaving unsure what colour his hair really is. Wearing simple leathers in dark colours of black, greys and greens, a voluminous cloak with hood, at his belt 2 short sword with blackened blades.

(CN) Rakket is likely to find some kind of personal humor in most situations and despite having an appearance that makes it hard for a mind to focus his voice is always clear and distinct when he has something to say. He honestly believes everyone is ‘in it for themselves’ no matter what they say to the contrary. He knows with certainty the god exists but is yet to understand why a person would worship one (unless it’s to get something for themselves out of it). He is just as likely to join a fight as to watch it. Also has an almost irresistible want to jump into portals when they appear.

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