PC: Riniya Maris

Player Tag: TravisTheRed

Character Name: Riniya Maris

Race: Snow Elf

Class: Ranger

Appearance: As a snow elf, Riniya has snow white skin and hair. She had kind ice blue eyes and always seems to be smirking. She carries her trusty bow and arrow with her everywhere and carries a finely crafted short sword for any up close encounters. She wears furs and a hooded cloak, the colors of the snow and rocky landscape of her home.

Personality: Riniya hails from Kaayset, one of the famed Mountain cities that the Snow Elves call home. Her Father and Mother both serve as a guards to the royal family that rules the city. She has always been more comfortable in the freezing mountainous terrain that surrounds her home rather than being in the crowded sprawling city. She loves meeting new people and excels in one on one conversations but gets very shy and overwhelmed in crowds. She loves her city and her people but she never truly felt at home inside of its walls. Desiring to see more of the world and its inhabitants, and tearfully promising her parents that she’d return, she left her home shortly after her 100th birthday.

Pet: Warin is Riniya’s pet Akita. He is a medium-sized dog, about 120 lbs and two feet at the shoulder. He has short, thick fur the colour of a toasted marshmallow, long legs, pointed triangle ears and a short snout. His fluffy tail curls up on to his back and his brown eyes are bright and intelligent. Incredibly loyal, he is always by Riniya and Tasar’s side, though it takes him time to warm up to other people. He will protect his owners without question, and serves as a guard dog and companion. Warin’s thick coat keeps him warm in cold weather, so much so it can bother him a little when it’s too hot. He loves to play fetch and chase squirrels, and is generally happy and friendly. Brought back from the snow elf capital Kaayset, he comes from a long line of well-trained guard dogs, and outsiders are recommended to think twice before trespassing on their property.

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