Rolen assists Lady Sindle Malbec in her quest to retrieve …

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Rolen assists Lady Sindle Malbec in her quest to retrieve her brothers Trident. With the events of the the quest finalized, noticing Lady Sindle was seemingly drained by contact with this unknown entity he determined to get to the end of it. Interjecting himself into a fight between Asa and Sindle in the tavern, he confronted her over this figure who is her (??? Not spoiling that story here sorry!) There has been a very deep fracture in their relationship.

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PC: Rolen Serpet
Rolen is half asleep when a Green Plated Knight enters the tavern, he slams down a sack of astral diamonds boasting about a wager. Rolen perks up and takes the wager, outside the following happens:

Rolen begins to walk towards the Knight, no weapon drawn but a divine power in his fist. “Either way this turns out Sir Knight it was an honor” Rolen begins to all out sprint towards the knight until he is almost upon him, leaping into the air coming down striking the knight true in his helmet, unleashing the power of the banishment spell he recieved from the scroll as the knights form begins to flicker. As he lands he takes a defensive position to put himself in better position to avoid or soften the blow from the night

The Knights helmet is struck with a blinding flash of purple light accompanied by a horrific tearing sound and a brief eruption of a thousand shrieks and cries. When the flash is over, the Knight’s head lies motionless several feet from his body, a round dent punched into the helmet. There is no sign of gore or blood, but the knight’s body remains on hands and knees, twitching and jerking violently.
The headless body of the Knight crawls slowly towards its head, body still being wracked by contorted twitchess and twists.

Echoing from the blackness inside the armour, the Knight cries out, his voice more warped and astral then before but also with a single more discernible tone at its core, “D-DO NOT-T…T-TOUCH…TH-THE STOOONES!”

The armor can’t be moved from it’s place, and the stones are being held in a safe.

PC: Rolen Serpet
Arrives at the tavern, meeting a number of the patrons. Rolen plays a practical joke on Gnaeus, in which he ends up feeling bad about it. That night, goblinoid creatures attack the tavern. Rolen sustains massive injuries from trying to protect the Gnomes. The creatures are pushed back and found to be made of mud. A large Ogre made of the same substance is outside as Rolen fights along side Cyraxis, Garret, and Sirrad among others. The creature is finally destroyed, remaining outside, he is the only one to watch the mist draw back into the center of the lake.

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Have used this since I saw it on the stream the groups so far love it.