PC: Rolen Serpet

Name: Rolen Serpet
Player: Sevv_09
Details: Half-Elf, male, mid 20s, Rogue

A humanoid male stands before you, his oaken brown hair frames his face. His ears seem to break through his oaken hair like daggers through bark, proudly displaying his half-elven heritage. His strong jaw is covered in a light dusting of oaken hair. His athletic frame is draped in dark leathers with insignia’s burned into the very leathers themselves.

If he were to remove his shirt, you would see a hellish scar just below where his heart would be on both his chest and back. You would also see scars from whips which seem to be from his childhood, across his back.

Leather Armor adorned with burned Insignia
Two Long Swords (see more in magic items)
A handful of daggers
A Backpack full of adventuring gear.

Rolen is one to never take the odds into his decision making. Impossible jobs or tasks seem only like a challenge to him. While he can be cautious at times when dealing with individuals, he is also scheming and thinking about how to turn the odds in his favor. He is vastly protective of those he calls friends, but enjoys a good prank from time to time.

Rolen was born to a Human Innkeeper and an Elven Hunter, about 25 years before the events of the tavern. While his Mother knew that his father would need to journey to satiate his thirst for adventure, she never knew that shortly after Rolen’s birth she would never see him again. The first nine years of Rolen’s life were very happy as he would sit around The Vulgar Dutchess Tavern, hearing the stories of adventure from the travelers. However at that time the ruler of the land would declare all Half-Elf’s and their parents to be rounded up as they were abominations in this land. He and his mother would be taken into a prisoners camp, where a plague started to take the lives of the people in the camp. Rolen would lose his mother to the plague, but escape with a friend he made in Perin. They made their way to a city called Penrith, there the two would try to stay alive off the streets. Around age 11 both Perin and Rolen would be taken in as wards, Perin was taken in by the local temples, while Rolen was taken in by a Black Dragonborn named Balasar Norixius. Rolen was taught the trade of thieves, and quickly excelled in the tasks from a young age.

Around age 16, Rolen was praised as one of the best Thieves in the city if not the country itself. Rolen was soon being called the Prince of Penrith’s Thieves, and the heir apparent to Balasar. This created a rift between Balasar and Rolen as people would skip Balasar and go to Rolen with certain high skilled jobs. Over this time Rolen created a small group of trusted Thieves. Talia (Human female), Jake (Gnome Male), Alli (Elven Female) who would quickly become his family.

Age 23, Rolen would take a job set up to make it so they could leave the country and be set for life. As they made their way out of the house, they were ambushed by Balasar’s assassins. Rolen would take an arrow to what many people was his heart. As he lay there hanging on to life, he watched as each of his family members were brutally murdered. As the assassins turned to leave, Rolen was able to crawl his way into a nearby stable as he passed out. He was found by a local stable girl who helped him back to strength over the course of the next year. Once he had regained his strength he wrote a ledger exposing the entire Thieves guild and their contacts including all of those in power. He left the gems and ledger in the house knowing that the stable girl may be imprisoned for her part in saving him. He took some coin and boarded a boat headed away from Penrith.

Mother: Died of the Plague
Father: Has been missing for 25 years
No Siblings (that he knows about)

To have a place of his own, and a family.

A ferret named Bandit. Rolen found this ferret after the events of the road to Titan’s Crossing. He is friendly, energetic, and is generally found with Rolen or Chrystal since they both found him.

In the basement there is a large set of living quarters. The floor and walls are stone with the roof being made of wood. In the center of the room sits a large table, with 10 chairs. On the walls sit maps of the world and the city, with various notes written in Thieves cant. The far back of the room is a large wooden divider in the room with a large comfortable bed. There is a number of chests and a weapon rack hidden in the room. On the table currently sits a crude map of the lake with notes of the attack.


Weapon One – The Moon Kris
This Blade has an ebony handle, with seven Elven runes etched into it when wielded by Rolen. The runes in order from hilt to tip Magic (Can store a spell in the blade), Pain (Extra 1d6 slashing), Alert (+2 Initiative), Devastation (Crit increased by 1), Power (+3 magical weapon). The blade seems to almost glow to match the brightness of the moon.
Weapon Two – Kris of the Fey
The Blade has an ebony handle with almost living vines on it. The sense you get is it comes directly from the Feywild itself, and there is three Elven runes etched into the blade. The runes are Power (+3 Weapon), Nature (Additional 1d8 Nature Damage), and Insight (prof in the skill)
Helmet – Cloak of Elvenkind
This dark green and black cloak color’s shift to camouflage the persons shape, granting them advantage to stealth check.
Boots – Boots of Haste
The black boots have a bit of gold trim on them and can pulse with arcane energy allowing the user to benefit from the haste spell. 
Gloves – Gloves of Thievery
These dark fingerless gloves cover only the hands as their magical energy allows those who wear them to pick pockets and locks with much more ease.
Armor – Mithral Breastplate +3
This Mithral Breastplate is stained black with a small gold trim, as its almost weightless with some amazing ability to block attacks. It has small Evlen  writing over the heart.
Trinket 1 – Heward’s Handy Haversack
This backpack has two side pouches that each are extra dimensional pouches capable of holding and preserving fresh food. The large backpack similarly holds items in this manner, and the pack always only weighs 5 pounds.
Trinket 2 – Ring of Animal Influence
This ring has 3 charges per day and can be used to allow communication with animals, friendship, or fearing beasts.

3 thoughts on “PC: Rolen Serpet

  • 5th May 2016 at 6:31 pm

    Arrives at the tavern, meeting a number of the patrons. Rolen plays a practical joke on Gnaeus, in which he ends up feeling bad about it. That night, goblinoid creatures attack the tavern. Rolen sustains massive injuries from trying to protect the Gnomes. The creatures are pushed back and found to be made of mud. A large Ogre made of the same substance is outside as Rolen fights along side Cyraxis, Garret, and Sirrad among others. The creature is finally destroyed, remaining outside, he is the only one to watch the mist draw back into the center of the lake.

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  • 5th May 2016 at 6:37 pm

    Rolen is half asleep when a Green Plated Knight enters the tavern, he slams down a sack of astral diamonds boasting about a wager. Rolen perks up and takes the wager, outside the following happens:

    Rolen begins to walk towards the Knight, no weapon drawn but a divine power in his fist. “Either way this turns out Sir Knight it was an honor” Rolen begins to all out sprint towards the knight until he is almost upon him, leaping into the air coming down striking the knight true in his helmet, unleashing the power of the banishment spell he recieved from the scroll as the knights form begins to flicker. As he lands he takes a defensive position to put himself in better position to avoid or soften the blow from the night

    The Knights helmet is struck with a blinding flash of purple light accompanied by a horrific tearing sound and a brief eruption of a thousand shrieks and cries. When the flash is over, the Knight’s head lies motionless several feet from his body, a round dent punched into the helmet. There is no sign of gore or blood, but the knight’s body remains on hands and knees, twitching and jerking violently.
    The headless body of the Knight crawls slowly towards its head, body still being wracked by contorted twitchess and twists.

    Echoing from the blackness inside the armour, the Knight cries out, his voice more warped and astral then before but also with a single more discernible tone at its core, “D-DO NOT-T…T-TOUCH…TH-THE STOOONES!”

    The armor can’t be moved from it’s place, and the stones are being held in a safe.

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  • 29th May 2016 at 8:59 am

    Rolen assists Lady Sindle Malbec in her quest to retrieve her brothers Trident. With the events of the the quest finalized, noticing Lady Sindle was seemingly drained by contact with this unknown entity he determined to get to the end of it. Interjecting himself into a fight between Asa and Sindle in the tavern, he confronted her over this figure who is her (??? Not spoiling that story here sorry!) There has been a very deep fracture in their relationship.

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