PC: Rosevean

Name: Rosevean (“Rose”)
PlayerTag: EncounterMitch

Details: Human, male, early 40s, sorcerer
Titles: Frostborn, Winter’s Grasp, Conqueror of the Seven Winds

Rose is a Northerner who stands at 6’3” and has a strongly built frame. He has long silver-black hair and a dark, well-groomed beard. He wears a finely embroidered wool vest with a heavy fur trim and cowl. While his upper arms are bare, his forearms and hands are covered in an artistically laced pattern of thin leather bands. His leggings and boots are of a similarly fine fur-lined wool. He wears no visible we7apons and often carries little more than a small leather belt-pouch. Rose speaks with a firm voice and articulates very clearly, but rarely raises his voice.

Personality (traits, flaws, ideals, bonds)
Rose has long been acting as a diplomatic emissary for his noble family to the North. As such, he carries himself with a composed and polite disposition and is familiar with many local customs. He cares little himself, however, for his political status or his role, though he respects both outwardly. Rose is far more invested in the arts, particularly crafting and sculpture. He has a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and will drop all other commitments for the opportunity to dwell or reflect upon a beautiful object. He is known for magically creating small ice sculptures of flowers between his large hands.

Rose’s upbringing among the Northern Tribes shaped him both physically and mentally. The unforgiving arctic climate where the Northerners live demands an iron-wrought constitution of body and spirit. From as early as adolescence, life in these tribes involves joining along for long seasonal voyages in pursuit of caribou herds. In addition to hunting, these tribes are known for their appreciation of tapestry work and artisanal stitching. Growing up, Rose always lacked the patience for his people’s favoured craft and turned to sculpture early on. For him, it was far better an embodiment of their strength, persistence, and nomadic lifestyle.

Rose is the second son of the royal family within his tribe. As was customary, Rose was expected to either challenge his elder brother for the right to inherit their tribe, or concede to his elder and break off to start his own tribe. Alternatively, he could choose to relinquish his formal residence among any of their tribal houses and carry on his life abroad. Choosing this latter option, Rose has preserved a far stronger connection to his family than most who journey south. He keeps in frequent communication with his elder brother, now chief, and returns home to accompany his kin on their migratory hunting trips once every few years.

Rose is somewhat elusive about why he’s taken up boarding at The Gilded Galgatron. When asked about it, he says only that he’s in the area looking for something valuable that’s gone missing. He is often absent for days at a time, and has been spotted behind the tavern speaking quietly with a variety of folk – both lavishly dressed nobles and street urchins. Either Rose is exceptionally patient or his search is of little urgency, for he is prone to indulging in whatever distractions or pursuits present themselves.

Rose’s fur-lined wool boots magically radiate a small amount of warmth. They keep the wearer protected against natural cold-weather conditions and weather.

The undersides of Rose’s interwoven leather arm-bands are imbued with arcane runes augmenting his cold magic. They lose their effect, however, when not worn or when worn improperly. It is only when they have been ritually laced into their unique pattern onto the arms and hands of the user that their magic takes effect.


“Mantle of the Seven Winds”: The fur on this embroidered vest always seems to be flowing gently by an unseen wind. The vest itself allows the user to magically command the direction and strength of the wind.


“Heart of the Stag”: This amulet is in the shape of a pair of antlers carved out of a stag’s hoof and hangs from a plain leather thong. It allows the wearer to shift into the form of a Giant Elk.

“Sky-Shimmer Dust”: This small leather pouch contains what the Northerners believe to be dust collected from the northern lights themselves. It is thought to have incredible restorative powers.


Theo is great dire boar with a thick, sandy-coloured pelt and enormous tusks. He is nearly five feet tall at the shoulder and more than thick enough to carry Rose’s large frame on his back. Theo is generally apathetic towards others (with the exception of Rose, toward whom he is aggressively protective) and is notorious for keeping entire villages awake with his snoring. If inspected closely, one would see that his tusks have been carved into very gently in a series of ornate geometric patterns.

Rose’s quarters at The Gilded Galgatron are fairly spartan: he has no furniture except an enormous pile of furs against one wall, and his glass window has been replaced with an imperfectly fitted hanging pelt. That said, the room is littered with sculptures and trinkets of all shapes, materials, and sizes. If inspected closely, one would also find dozens of water-marked blotches of discolouration on the hardwood floors.

A tall figure wrapped in furs strides defiantly across a frozen plain. The winds howl violently, whipping a storm of snow and ice against him. He drops to a knee to remove something from his pack: a small mechanical sphere imbued with magical runes. He twists the top half of the device a quarter-turn to the right and the runes begin to pulse with light. The man quickly stands and hurtles the sphere as far as he can into the storm. A moment later the earth is wracked by rolling tremor that lasts nearly a full minute. The man stands slowly, hands open at his sides at the ready.

After a moment of stillness, a low rumbling begins to build again beneath the plain. The man starts his hands into a steady rhythm of somatic gestures. As the trembling reaches its full, an enormous serpentine beast erupts through the plain accompanied by the sound of hissing steam: the Great Remorhaz, a monstrous centipede armoured with thick chitinous plates whose body radiates to the touch with the heat of molten embers. Turning to face where the creature emerged, the man breaks into a run and begins his barrage. Row after row of diamond-sharp spears of ice are hurled toward the creature as the man sprints directly towards it.

The Remorhaz is struck again and again by the assault, but never do the magical spears pierce its thick armour plating. Seeing its foe, the beast charges forward with the sound of rolling thunder, its hundreds of tree-thick limbs shattering the frozen plain beneath it. As the two near one another, the man throws off his heavy furs, revealing a thick coating of blue gelatine covering his body. Just before the two titans collide, the man weaves his arms in one final incantation, covering his arms in crystalline casings of ice that extend to razor-sharp points. He leaps with a cry, arms forward, like an arrow of glass. The unthinking creature imbibes, and swallows the man whole with a flick of his neck.

The man knows he has little time. Soon the creature will burrow again, and from then on his chances of escape will decrease rapidly with every second he remains inside of it. He wastes no time unleashing his wrath upon the creature, carving and slashing wildly at its insides. The heat alone feels likely to kill him, as his whole body is wracked by the searing pain of being burned alive. Outside, the creature thrashes wildly, rolling violently across the plain, bashing itself in contorted twists.

After what feels like hours, the Great Remorhaz’s death throes begin to slow, and it finally crashes to the ground. It is another few moments, however, until there is any other sign of movement. With the sound of a ripping tear and a blood-curdling cry of agony, the man crawls his way out of the creature’s side. His magical blades are gone, his skin is a dark red, and his hair and beard are no more. He falls onto his back upon the frozen plain panting heavily, as the frozen winds begin to cover him in snow…

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