PC: Sarin Brandywine

Name: Sarin Brandywine

Player: Stormthedksnub

Details: Lightfoot Halfling, Male, 35, Rogue

Appearance/Equipment: Sarin is a 4’2” stubborn Halfling, dark brown eyes, short black hair with a cow lick in the front above his left eye. He has with him around his neck a beautiful compass made from whale bone. On his sides he carries a pair of daggers shaped like cutlasses. He wears a very worn trench coat with a brown/black leather breast plate underneath and a tatters and worn tricorn hat with a seagull feather in it. In the pocket of his trench coat he has the deed of his ship “The Sardine Skipper”

Magic Item: Cloak of the Innocuous. This cloak is made of simple unassuming materials, it seems tattered and rough as if it has been used for years and not cared for. Wearing this cloak makes you seem unimportant and beneath notice. Creatures must succeed a DC 15 Wisdom (Perception) check to be able to notice you. The check is a DC 10 if you are not in a public place. Attacking or other “obvious” actions ends the effect for any creature that can see the action.

Backstory: Sarin is a stubborn ship captain who just so happens to not be able to swim. He’s spent fifteen years on the seas as a sailor. He has found his way to the Gilded Galgatron upon the event of losing his crew.

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  • 12th August 2016 at 4:25 pm

    Died on the 11th of august, killed by a wood elf rogue and Garrett Undertree.

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