PC: Saskan Shieldbiter

Name: Saskan Shieldbiter of Shestendeliath Clan

Twitch: Goodguypie
Discord: Goodguysenpie

Details: Male. Dragon born, 9, Rouge

Laded dark navy blue leather outfit with two serpents portrayed on the back. The hood is well cut. In it is a body no bigger the 4’17” a slim build. A body covered with black scales. A small faces with tiny horns on top of his head. Eyes sharp and a dark blue with a tong is long and slithery accompanied teeth that just barely sticking out. The lower body has shortest legs and his feet are fitted in a detailed pair of petite shoes. The scales them slef seem to absorb all light and are dark as the night sky. Two dagger hanging from his belt crafted with black metal to fit is scales.

Saskan a child dragon born like any other proud of his clan and trained to fight. He can be responsible from time to time but spends most of his skills of sneaking and fighting playing and pranking those who are older then him. He always trys to prove himself to those who doubt him and gets very angry when talked down to or disrespected. He is always the 1st to a place and the 1st to leave.

To prove to his clan he can bring back a trophy worth talking about just like his farther.

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