PC: Seldon Arcais

Name: Seldon Arcais
Player: Seldon Arcais
Human Sorcerer, former Battlemage and Sergeant in the King’s Army

Grizzled man of about 40. Wears a long, dark blue cloak with a hood over a black robe with blue trim. Shoulder-length shaggy brown hair and stubble on chin. Dark brown eyes.

Black robe, dark blue cloak, battered wooden staff, worn-out book, black boots, small pouch containing ink & quill and loaf of hard bread, waterskin, blanket, belt with small dagger

Personality & Concept:
Rough, blunt, ex-soldier. His arrogance and foolishness lead to the death of his older brother and fellow soldier, Seron, during a war against an orc invasion to their homeland and the rest of his family as he couldn’t return to his village fast enough to save his parents or sister. It also later lead to the death* of his wife, Gwen, another a powerful mage, while trying to avenge the death of his brother and family at the hands of the orcs. He has since become a hard, bitter person and has spent the last 12 years traveling in search of some way to right his wrongs and avenge his loved ones. He also makes a point to slaughter any and all orcs he sees, as he still blames them for what happened.

Mother/Father: Not named, deceased

Brother: Seron, former soldier, deceased

Sister: Selena, deceased

Wife: Gweneviere, deceased


Seldon grew up in a humble village at the outskirts of his homeland with his parents, brother, and later sister. He looked up to and admired his older brother, Seron, but always surpassed him in every activity. When Seron enlisted in the King’s Army to defend against an invading orc onslaught, he eagerly awaited the 2 years before he could join as well. After enlisting at 16, he progressed through the ranks to sergeant in under a year and lead the unit that contained his brother. 3 months after that, full of youthful excitement and rage, he disobeyed orders and lead his unit on a raid of a large orc camp that they were supposed to be scouting, ignoring his brother’s warnings and claiming that he could take them all on alone if he needed too. Everyone in his unit was slaughtered by the orcs except him, who narrowly escaped with his life and suffered many wounds. He now walks with a slight limp.

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