PC: Sir Eliot Shadowspear

Name: Sir Eliot Shadowspear

Player: Spartans282

Details: Half-Elf, male, 24, Eldritch Knight/Fighter

Appearance/Equipment: Eliot has Brown Hair, Brown eyes, Tan Skin tone. He has a scar that goes down partly on his left upper and lower lip. He has Noble Cloths with Red, Black and Gold Trimming. He has armor on his legs Arms, and a Lion Head shape Left shoulder pad. He carries a Shield in the Shape of a Lion Head along with a long Sword on his back. On his sides he carries Two Short Swords.

Personality: He treats people as people since he is discriminated against as a Half-Elf. For law and Justice. His flaw is Bitting his tongue when he is looked down upon and shakes in anger.

Magic Items

Armor: Has the Ability to Comprehend Languages.

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