PC: Sirrad Keldring

Name: Sirrad Keldring
Player: IrvingWolfeN7
Details: Minotaur, male, mid 50s, Warlock
Titles: Leader of the Hired Horns

Sirrad wears standard metal greaves over leather pants (tailored to accomodate his minotaur traits) and prefers to go bare-chested under a cloth vest that has the logo of his mercenary band on the back.

He has a set of knives in varying sizes on his belt, and mainly fights with a double-headed battleaxe made of ice (his bladelock pact weapon)

He has lang shaggy brown hair on his head and his lower half (bull legs). The hair on his head has a white stripe down the middle. protruding from his forehead are a set of upturned horns, one with a silver band around it

Sirrad is generally good-natured and comes across as a friendly person, but isn’t always the most trusting. He refuses to take any job involving cold-blooded murder or mass casualties. If he does approve of a job, you’ll have his loyalty until the job is complete, or the situation begins to violate his moral code. He tends to drink a lot on his off hours, but it doesn’t seem to effect him as much as it should, due his bodily systems being slowed down due to his pact.

Minotaur tribes are generally very competitive, with disputes being settled in single combat that lasts until one party yields (killing is accepted as a last resort, but is generally frowned upon in these matches). When a young minotaur reaches the age of majority, he must enter into a bout against another of the same age. The winner is declared a man and may choose from any position in the tribe open to him.

Sirrad was placed into a match against Lorast Borin, another young minotaur who had been his rival for several years, and who had also caught the eye of a member of the tribal council. The councilman had his men rig a part of the arena to collapse when Sirrad entered, dropping him into a cave under the city. As he had left the arena without permission, he was disqualified by technicality and was expected to have died from the fall.

He managed to survive the fall with only a broken leg, and was able to splint it and make it to an ancient statue in the center of the cave. This statue was made of ice and perfectly preserved despite the time it had spent underground. Upon slipping and making contact with the cold surface of the base, Sirrad heard a voice in his head.

The voice sounded cold and distant, as if it was a trivial matter to notice a being like him, yet seemed decidedly interested in what had brought him to this forgotten statue. Upon hearing what Sirrad knew of the events that had transpired, the Voice revealed itself to belong to The Ice Queen, and ancient and powerful sorceress that had once ruled large spans of land. She offered him a chance to get revenge, in return for a favor to be called in at a later date.

Sirrad accepted and the statue ground into motion, the ice somehow remaining intact despite the movement. Upon seizing the frozen hand extended before him, Sirrad felt his heart slow and a strip of his shaggy mane of hair turned stark white. The Ice Queen merely said “I know not how long it shall be before thy service is called upon, so thou hast been bound to me and thy life has shall be extended until I have need of thee.”

A pillar of ice erupted from beneath his feet and carried Sirrad back up from the cave and into the arena. In a rage, he attempted to charge the councilman and Lorast, who stood near the councils viewing area, but fell because of his injured leg. As his hands touched the ground, a large sheet of ice shot from beneath him, and as it touched the feet of Lorast and the councilman, they were frozen solid.

Sirrad was surrounded by a large group of minotaur soldiers taken to a medical tent, where he was kept under guard. As soon as he was fit to travel, he was exiled. He spent several years on his own and began to learn how to control his powers. Once he felt confident enough to return to society, he began to wander the world, traveling from city to city, doing mercenary work and slowly gathering a small group of other outcasts and banding them into a mercenary group called the Hired Horns.

He now travels alone, as his company abandoned him when he refused to take a job that would set them up for life, but would require sacrificing an entire city to a dragon in the process.

Find new company to work and travel with (short term). Regain the honor lost and be able to return to Minotaur society without being branded as an outcast (viewed as little better than a criminal).


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