PC: Sovren Bjornsson

Name: Sovren Bjornsson
Player: WheninRome66
Details: Human, Male, 32, Barbarian – Path of the Totem Warrior (Bear)

Sovren is a large human being, standing 6’4″ and 260lbs. He is an imposing figure to see in the doorway. He looks almost beast like at time, thick dark hair over his chest and hair long but often unkempt. He also has been known to sport a beard. His skin is tan and weathered and looks like he’s spent most of his time outdoors, rather than inside reading books. He has little armor and accessories, preferring just his battleaxe and warhammer strapped to his back. Tribal tattoos run up his left arm and down his chest and are sometimes reminiscent of nature and bearkind. He has a few scars over his body, but most noticeable is the one that bisects his left eyebrow.

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  • 27th August 2016 at 12:21 am

    Died on the 25th of August due to being gutted by a gnome barbarian.

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