PC: Squirp Mondef

Name: Squirp Mondef
Player: Pondweed
Details: Squrip Mondef is a Half-elf bard in her early 20s that carries a Cheap wooden lyre with blue strings. She has Ice white hair and a pale purple complexion. She usually wears a blue tunic, dark brown pants and black boots. She is quite a sensitive person and loves all forms of natural life. Squrip has had a rough childhood and wishes to begin her life anew and start a family somewhere safe.

Appearance: Squrip Mondef is a beautiful and young Half-elf in her early 20s. She has straight ice white hair that is shoulder length and partially covers her face. Her skin is a pale purple which is smooth and soft to the touch. Squrip has bright blue eyes, a cute celestial nose, pink thin lips, a small round chin and high cheekbones. She can usually be found wearing a grey undershirt, loose fitting white over shirt and a blue tunic over the top. Sometimes when she wants to look really elegant, or is going out to an important event, she wears a graceful red knee length dress. With both outfits, Squrip can be found wearing tight brown pants with small black boots and a thin brown belt. Squrip also has a small golden necklace that she wears at ALL times. Squrip carries around a brown satchel which contains her music scripts, pens, spare paper and a small hatchet. She will sometimes keep her lyre in her satchel when she is not playing it.

Equipment: Squrip does not have much in terms of equipment. The main item is Squrips lyre, it is made from cheap wood but is sturdy and does its job. The lyre has a few etchings for decoration and blue strings for ornament. Squrip also has two map cases which contains her music scripts, bardic notes from her teachings and spare paper. Squrip keeps a few pens and an ink bottle handy so she is able to write music and notes at will. Squrip also carries a small hand axe which is mainly used to chop wood for fires.

Personality: Squrip is a light hearted caring half elf that loves nature and all natural life. She has a great fondness of creatures and critters and knows the Speak with animals/Animal friendship spells so she can interact with them in a more satisfying way. Squrip also knows the Speak with plants spell but rarely uses it as she feels that plants want to be left alone to do their thing. She may use her speak with plants spell if she is ever forced to use her hand axe to gather firewood or is feeling unusually lonely. Squrip is a vegetarian but does not mind other people cooking and eating meat as long as she does not witness the killing or butchering of the animal. Squrip loves music and other creative arts and can become quite joyous when surrounded by people enjoying themselves. When Squrip is in a good mood she can become quite playful and may toss a few light hearted insults someone’s way. Squrip is a very sensitive person however and can be known to have mood swings when upset. When Squrip is upset or feeling impure she may rub dirt on herself to make her image match her feelings. If under extreme situations Squrip who is normally a very passive person may be pushed to the point where she can no longer take it. If Squrip ever reaches this point she may scream unleashing the thunder wave spell as a way of protecting herself. Squrip has so much love to give and wants to be one of everyone’s closest friends

Childhood: Squrip was taken at a very young age from her parents who were killed by a raiding party during her seventh winter. Squrip was sold into slavery to a man she never met and was never told anything about. Squrip was tasked with tending to the gardens which was where she met Rosie Palms. Rosie was the daughter of the man that owned Squrip and was forbidden from talking to the slaves. However, Squrip was the only other girl Rosie’s age on the entire property and Rosie would secretly meet Squrip when she was upset or lonely, which was quite often. At first, Squrip was reluctant to get to know Rosie as she was forbidden to speak to any household member. Over time, the two girls became very close, Rosie would talk about the world and what life was like outside the confinements of slavery and Squrip in return would entertain Rosie by reciting poetry she wrote or singing to her while she worked. One day, Rosie was caught talking to Squrip and Squrip was taken out the back and was whipped for the first time of many until she passed out. To this day Squrip has huge scarring on her back due to the multiple whippings she had received talking to Rosie. During Squrips 13th summer Rosie did something for her that she will never forget. Rosie met up with Squrip secretly like they usually did but this time Rosie had stolen the key to Squrips shackles. Rosie explained to Squrip a plan to run away together and leave this place behind forever. Squrip was reluctant, she knew that if she was ever caught she would be killed. The next day Rosie and Squrip were caught talking once more and as Squrip was being taken kicking and screaming to the whipping post, Rosie Smashed the guard over the head with a shovel. Rosie and Squrip ran away that day and never looked back. Rosie had thought out the escape plan well but had never really thought about what they would do once they had escaped. The two girls spent a few days stealing food from an orchard to survive but were eventually caught. The man who owned the orchard was an old bard who took pity on the girls and offered them a place to stay and in return they would work as fruit pickers. The two girls accepted and lived on the orchard for a few years. The old man passed on his knowledge of world lore and even taught the girls how to play instruments. One day the old man got very sick and lay on his death bed. The day before the old man died he passed on his personal lyre to Squrip and his own notebook to Rosie. Squrip and Rosie humbly accepted the gifts and treasured them with care. The next day the two girls buried the old man and set off for Calmo. Calmo is a city that they had heard about from the old man and was where he received his bardic training. They paid a travelling merchant for passage and while slowly making their way along a narrow path through a gorge in the rain, the wagon slipped causing it to tumble down the cliff. Squrip was the only survivor, she crawled out of the wreckage with only a fractured arm and wept for the loss of her friend. Squrip managed to gather what supplies she could but was unable to bury the bodies due to her arm. Just before Squrip left Rosie to the elements she took Rosie’s necklace as a reminder of the things they went through together. The lyre the old man had given her was smashed beyond repair and the notepad had been soaked in the rain and was now useless. A few days later Squrip was picked up by a travelling circus and was taught magic by one of the bards working there. Squrip became fond of the Speak with animals and Animal friendship spells and was given a brand new lyre which is the current lyre she is using today. Squrip stayed with the circus for a number of years and was happy but felt like it was time to go. Squrip left the circus during her 19th winter and set out to make a life for herself.

Goals: Squrips main goal is to settle down and begin her life anew starting a family somewhere safe. Squrip would also like to finish her training as a bard and gain a job working in a tavern somewhere.

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