PC: Sune Lockmourn

Name: Sune Lockmourn
Player: TreeHuggingDruid
Details: Wood Elf, Female, age 27, Druid

Sune has bright blue eyes and long dark brown hair that runs to the small of her back. She is pretty small built at 5’7″ and 135lbs. She wears brown leather armor that hugs her shape. Her bow and quiver have druid symbols from her tribe engraved onto them along with her druid symbol tattooed on the side of her shoulder.

Sune falls in and out of love easily and flattery is her preferred trick for getting what she wants. She is a free spirit. No one tells her what to do and if they try, she’s prone to do the complete opposite. A handsome face is her weakness. If a man has a handsome face, she is likely to do as he pleases.

Sune Lockmourn, named after the Goddess of Love and Beauty, grew up with the eyes of men following her around. She had many men ask for her hand, but only one that caught her eye. Mathus Lockmourn, the son of the Chief of a Druid tribe. She happily accepted his offer of love and they married a few months later and brought a little baby girl name Fiora into the world a few years later. While they thought their lives were perfect, it was about to all go down hill. A man that was denied Sune’s love came after her and her family, taking her husbands like and taking Fiora as his own, but not before Sune got a shot off with the bow given to her when she first joined the druid tribe. After grieving the death of her husband and searching for her child for 2 years, Sune went revenge hungry, killing those who dare hurt a child or try and break up a family.

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