PC: Tasar Amakiir

Name: Tasar Amakiir
Player: Madfishmonger
Details: moon elf, cleric, male, 158 years old, 5’5″

A lean strong moon elf cleric, his skin is pale blue, his blue-black hair cut unusually short, a fringe falling over his striking gold-blue eyes. He wears a chain mail suit with a hood lined in black, over which is a white tabard with minimal blue detailing and the symbol of Angharradh – a triangle point down inside which three rings interlock. He carries a mace and a small handcrossbow and bolt pouch strapped to his belt and a medic’s pack on his back.The small round glasses with silver frames are his only ornamentation. He is neat and clean as often as possible and his clothing and personal items are always mended and in good shape.

The fifth of ten children born to the noble and conservative Amakiirs and Tennin’s older brother, Tasar was sweet and kind child,easily loved and favoured by their mother. He had a series of intense dreams in his youth that convinced him he was in direct contact with the elven Goddess Angharradh. His talents for healing were such he was taken away from home and trained at a young age, but never complained. He is kind and tolerant, but serious and devoted. He likes things done a certain way and is strict and self-disciplined, living an ascetic life. He is often called on when there has been a battle as he will fearlessly retrieve the wounded and dying. Honorable,slow to anger but also slow to closeness. He is friendly, but private and due to his often travelling has not developed many close friendships. He is the only of the immediate family to be close with Tennin, and often finds himself a mediator between the two.

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