PC: Terry Haitama

Player Twitch: Goodguypie
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Name: Terry Haitama
Details: Male,human,Fighter,63 Years of age, sodider

Terry is clearly on in years, his wrinkled skin tanned dark with years of working under the sun, which reflects brightly off his bald head. His only hair is a long grey beard, nearly reaching his navel, kept tidy and clean. He watches through dull brown eyes, but those perceptive enough to truly watch him will note a quickness to his gaze. He wears a rough brown robe and carries a simple satchel which contains all his worldly possessions. But under this frail-looking exterior lies the body of a warrior, mighty muscles toned to perfection under a chain mail shirt. Thought he walks bent with a cane, when he stands straight he is an imposing 6’3”.

Terry lived as simple life on a farm in Brownberry and wanted to enlist as a solider at his young days, but found himself unfit for the rigors of fighting. During the terrible Adler Red Mist Massacre, he witnessed the horrors of war and was inspired to make a change. He began a rigorous training regimen and after two years of training felt himself prepared for battle. His skill allowed him to rise quickly in the ranks and soon he was leading his own soldiers. His battalion was at the front line during the Jadefoot massacre and took out some high ranking Jadefoot soldiers himself. But the war between the clans brought out the worst in some of the fighters, and Terry, too far away to stop it, saw a soldier brutally and needlessly murder a child. This event changed him, and he dropped out of the army, becoming a handyman and day laborer, trying to find peace in his simple work. Eventually he tired of the locals telling tales of his brave deeds during the war and wandered the land, working where he could, trying to find a purpose and a way to ease his guilt and shame. After being sent to an ancient ruin to investigate some strange occurrences, he discovered a magical lance. The lance could shift itself in to another object to hide its form, and while it easily could have become solid gold or a terrifying symbol of power, Terry chose for its form to be a simple wooden cane. Now he walks with the cane and hides his true strength, though he always prepared to use it to help another.

Terry is a simple man who doesn’t need much to get by. He helps where he can and lends wise words to the young. He will fight when necessary, though he fears again witnessing the horrors of war. He values kindness, especially toward children, and will always fiercely protect them. He still suffers nightmares of the brutal wars, but has difficulty putting those feelings and experiences in to words.
To provide as much help as he can to others and to find a way to ease his guilt and shame over his part in the terrible wars of his youth.

Magic item:
The Lance of Heroes. a simple wooden cane that when wielded by someone with pure intentions it becomes on a command word a beautiful pearl-white lance that shines in the sunlight like a beacon of hope, infused with elven magic.

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