PC: Thymir

Name: Thymir
Player: Ziggieziggs
Details: Human, 25, Male, Fighter/Cleric
Concept: A healer that can pack quite the punch without using magic
Personality: Thymir is a very joyfull guy with a good sense of humor, he always wants to cheer people up and help where necessairy. He also never backs down on a promise .

Appearance: Thymir stands 5ft2 tall, wearing a thick brown fur coat, walking shoes and  black pants. He has deep blue eyes. He has some semi long black hair. Around his neck hangs his Holy symbol.

Equipment: He carries two battleaxes, one of them being enchanted with ice magic causing frost burns to anyone it hits (Blizzard). His Holy symbol is that of his god Lucha, consisting of three swords being crossed in front of a moon. He also has some chain armor and a backpack with a bedroll and 500gp and some health potions in case his magic isn’t enough.

Childhood: Growing up as the oldest of three, Thymir needed to be the most responsible of them, his father thaught him how to wield the axe and learned him how to be honourfull. Although it was a rough childhood between his trainings in the harsh weather, his studies of magic and his tasks as the oldest child he enjoyed every moment of it.
Thanks Will and see you in the tavern.

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