PC: Torgan gro-Khaduk

Name: Torgan gro-Khaduk
Race: Half-Orc
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Class: Barbarian

Description: Upon first view ­ especially when seated ­ those whose eyes fall upon Torgan may only take in that a form of elf stood before them from one of the clans what with his elven pointed ears and slanted eyes and his firm stolid jawbones which only seemed to enhance the effect his moonlight silvered skin held as well as his flowing hair that roams down his back in and out of small braids in a variety of hues of silver and grey that on occasion he may well temporarily color with seut. His form however was not quite entirely what one might expect of an elf with his imposing stance and his solid muscle tone that showed that he was not remarkably bookish but instead bided his time teaching himself to be physically more well rounded. From within his eyelids hues of gold and amber intermixed in a melted cacophany of colors only further drawing attention towards him.

When Torgan stood however the world would take notice as the muscle tone extended cleanly
across the entirety of his body further accentuating his 8’3″ form. For all that his height didnt ring
out that he wasnt a standard elf his muscle tone would further enhance this view though there
was no other evidence of his being anything but an elf.

Typically Torgan thrives in a more tribal apparel consisting largelly of bone, steel, wood, furs and
plating or chain. It is typically among his personal choices to shield his legs and much of his
arms but leave his chest and much of his upperbody uncovered to allow for greater
maneuverability that was unheard of for a fighter his size.

For all that Torgan is an imposing person himself ­ his weapon of choice is ever more of an
imposing ideal as it is one which is by no means common for a traveller. Eight and a half foot
wide with three and a half foot worth of blade and two feet worth of counter balancing spike the
bone shafted axe which stood at a greater height than Torgan himself stood of which was a
seven foot height. Torgan also bears a pair of skeletal metal gauntlets with claws on the
fingertips and a pair of similar boots to assist him in battles that might take place with a shield
available to add more leverage when necessary.

Personality: Torgan is a grim no­-nonsense sort of guy ­ often taking things at face value without wasting time to think about it.

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