PC: Torgrim

Name: Torgrim
Player: Arcaaan
Details: dwarf, male, 120, warrior

Torgrim is a small, but lagre dwarf with long red beard and slick back hair. His left eye is missing, and covered with a black eye patch. He is very muscular and has many scars on his body. He allways carry his smoking pipe with him and smokes it from time to time. he wears bulky, heavy metal armor and underneath it, white shirt and pants the same colour. There is a simple medalion on his neck, wich was given to him by his father. We wields big, heavy two-handed battle axe.

Torgrim has a very calm, flegmatic personality. He almost allways need a moment to think about what he needs to say, before he says it. Sometimes it takes some time, wich can be considered rude for someone. He like quiet places and quiet himself. Better better listener than talker, most of the time quietly smoking a pipe. Like most of the dwarfs he enjoys some ale, but not to extrime. He is not fond of violence, but not afraid to use his axe for it’s purpose if the situation demands it. Very curios, so he will never miss an opportunity to learn something new. he hates to talk about the history of loosing his eye for some reason.

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