PC: Vail Nior

Name: Vail Nior
Player: Madfishmonger
Details: female drow wizard, 288 years old

A small and unassuming drow elf with a huge mass of thick, curly white hair piled on top of her head, tied with leather strips and a couple brass hairpins. Her hair seems to dislike being tamed and the curls are constantly slipping out, but her pointed ears poke through the curls either way. Her skin is a deep black, like obsidian, her face thin and pointed, but her eyes are the most striking feature: one is bright red, the other orange. She wears a pair of dark-tinted goggles on her head, which she keeps over her eyes in bright light. She wears a billowy blouse of striped grey with a dark leather vest, over which is a long dark red wool coat with a black-lined hood. She wears thick navy trousers with dark leather boots laced to the knee and a dark leather satchel is slung over her shoulder, decorated with tracings of arcane symbols in gold. She walks with her back straight, unashamed of her heritage, but at the same time tries to stay out of the public eye, simply going about her business and trying not to rock the boat. She is not unfriendly, but guarded, and her voice is low and accented. She carries a simple dagger at her hip and a light crossbow is fixed across her back.

Vail’s fathers and mother (her biological father was a solider who died before Vail was born) were part of a small group of rebels living under the tyranny of a particularly vicious general in the underdark. While most generals don’t bother with the details of their underlings, this one took interest in micromanaging every aspect of their lives making it very difficult to organize the rebellion at all. It seems it was doomed to failure, but luckily Vail’s mother received a warning the general was coming for them. She gave her two most precious posessions, her daughter and her spellbook, to Afein Abrelo and Rylde Mournet to care for, dying shortly after at the general’s hands. The couple fled the underdark, the only members of the rebellion to make it out alive, and travelled, trying to find a safe place to stay. This proved difficult with a baby barely a year old, but they met a member of the alchemist’s guild on the road and managed to prove to her they were trustworthy. They changed their names to Anlan and Rican Nior, settled in Stonehaven and joined the alchemist’s guild, proving quite useful with their knowledge of the rare underground plants and components. While not universally liked, the drow family were not universally hated in their small neighbourhood either, as the locals learned they weren’t unkind and had never once turned anyone’s child in to a monster (that anyone knew of). Vail made a few friends in the other guild member’s children, and has helped train several generations in alchemy and basic wizardry. When the frost giant war came, it made Vail realize she might die without ever seeing the world. After a rather strong argument with her understandably protective parents, she left, travelling cautiously north (the direction she randomly picked), and she hopes to perhaps bring home new potion recipes, ingredients, or spells.

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