PC: Varik Hornraven

Name: Varik Hornraven
Player: NerdImmersion (Ted)
Details: Human, male, late 20s, fighter

Varik stands 6′ tall on a broad but muscled frame. He has shoulder
length brown hair, a bushy beard and light green eyes. His face is
stern and bears little emotion, the sign of someone who has suffered
much loss in a short period of time. His arms and face are riddled
with scars from claws and teeth of different sized creatures, the most
notable being that most of his right ear is missing. The plate mail
that he wears is a dull steel/grey color, however upon closer
inspection it is not crafted from steel but from the carapace of some
large creature. Across the front and back of his armor crisscrossed in
a X pattern is a large mottled green and brown snakeskin, with the
intact head of a giant snake adorning his head as a helmet. The cloak
on his back is a strange combination of dark brown fur and feathers.
Around his neck is a necklace made from a simple leather cord with a
gold ring alongside several teeth and claws from various creatures. He
is constantly seen carrying a glaive with a series of tally marks on
the blade. Across his back is a longbow and quiver and on his belt is
a long knife, seemingly used for skinning animals rather than for

Varik is the last survivor from a small town in the north. While his
town was destroyed, the tale of a traveler moving through the
countryside defending people from monsters has spread. These tales
have given him a reputation as a bit of folk hero. He’s not much for
words and as such judges people on their actions. Slaying monsters and
protecting the innocent feels good, but Varik always felt he was
destined for something greater. Each time he protects someone from a
monster he scores a mark on his glaive and takes a trophy from the
creature. When not traveling through the wild he can often be found at
a tavern, attempting to forget the horrors of his past with the aid of
hard alcohol.

Growing up in a small town Varik didn’t experience much adventure. He
has no memory of his mother, and was raised in a small cabin by his
father, Thane. Thane taught him how to hunt and fish, how to survive
in the wilds and how to live off the land. He also trained him in the
use of various weapons, Varik preferring the glaive most of all. His
father taught him the family business of blacksmithing and Varik
eventually took over when he passed away. He lived in the small town,
smithing and putting his self taught leather crafting skills to use.
He lived there, up until the day it was destroyed by a roaming pair of

After his father passed away, Varik had no family. He continued to
work at the family business crafting tools to help others in the town
whenever possible. His crafting skills and outgoing personality caught
the eye of a young woman in the town, Mira. After courting for a while
the two were eventually married and had two twin girls, Molly and
Sara. His girls were his whole world. It didn’t what happened at work,
for when he came home to his family all was right with the world. That
changed when the Bulettes attacked the town. While helping to bring
down one, Varik was unaware that there were actually two. Upon
returning to his home he found the house destroyed and the corpses of
his family being devoured by the second creature. These horrific
events are what have lead to him becoming a traveler, the once
outgoing smith transformed into a stoic and closed off monster hunter.

Varik’s whole world was turned upside down the day the Bulettes
attacked. He spends his time traveling the countryside fighting off
monsters, attempting to prevent others from suffering from the same
fate. While fighting monsters and saving innocents makes him feel
good, he still feels that he is destined for something greater. He
finds himself at The Gilded Galgatron in between jobs. With the
different amount of folks coming in and out of the tavern, he’s hoping
to get a line on the next monster that needs slaying. He can often be
found at the bar, with his face in a glass of something strong and
cheap…monster slaying doesn’t always pay well.

Magic Items
Ring: The golden wedding band the Varik wears on the chord around his
neck functions as a Ring of Protection. This ring is the only thing he
has remaining from his family.

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