PC: Viresse Julianne Adrianna Corinth

Name: Viresse Julianne Adrianna Corinth
Player: ZephyriLaBelle
Details: Aasimar, Female, early 20s, Fighter


Ethereal is the first words that come to mind when meeting Viresse. Sharp jade green eyes, almond shaped like a cat. Dark black hair falls in soft waves around her faceĀ  and down her back with black raven colored feathers growing out of the strands. She enjoys dressing in fine but subdued clothing. Favoring pants under her skirts with her rapier never too far.

As the 2nd born of the Lunamaria family, Viresse took it upon herself to support her elder brother in his role. Strong-willed and compassionate, she hates bullies, and loves to help when she can.

In her young pre-teen years she picked up the rapier as a noble form of fighting to protect herself and those of her entourage. Desperate to bring honor to her family name she is kind to a fault, and at times will get into trouble for the sake of her lesser people.

As an aasimar she is often times off puttng and forward.

These 3 are her retainers from the noble feature. Cyrus, Amzi, and Livilla her handmaiden. They handle menial tasks for the noble. Lifting things, carrying things, cleaning her clothes or helping her with non-combative tasks.

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