PC: Vorik

Name: Vorik
Player: CrazyKing6650
Race: Goliath
Class: Barbarian
Sex: Male
Age: 32

Appearance: Bald with a full beard. A small scar across the right eye and a large vertical one across his chest. Stands 7ft tall and weighs 300 pounds. Skin color is a pale grey. Has a large red marking that starts at his left eye and goes all the way down his back then curves up the left side of his chest and goes down his arm abit but stops.

Equipment: On the right shoulder there is a big hide/fur shoulder pad that has a strap that crosses his body. His large belt that is made of hide/fur covers most of his stomach. On the belt there is a few small pouches, a small quiver that holds 10 arrows, a hook and a water skin. Has leather pants and fur boots. On his back there is a small white fox fur, a holster for his battle axe and short bow.

Family: A 12 year old boy named Bronn. He has brown short hair in a fohawk with the sides slightly shaved. He wears cloth and leather clothes with a grey fur tabard.

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