PC: Winter “Winter’s Bane”

Twitch handle: KaylinSilverfur
Name: Winter (Or Winter’s Bane)
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Class: Monk, Way of Long Death

Appearance/ Equipment:
6’0″ tall, wiry and lean. Everything about her isn’t just pale. Its white. Hair, skin, even most of her clothing aside from the intermixed black leather armour. On her outer robe is an embroidered symbol of a skeletal hand holding a set of scales. Her arms are wrapped with heavy monk’s cloth as well, even in areas of blistering heat. She usually wears heavy eye make-up, as well as having a very tribal style markings at the centre of the chin and forehead, and she usually wears her hair in a sweeping faux-hawk with two braided tails she usually pulls forward.

I’m sure even more off-putting is the fact that she’s usually found around grave-yards, at sick houses where there is palliative care being offered, manning funeral pyres or assisting with poor people’s graves and last rights. She frequently wears a wide straw hat with white translucent material around it as well. She also speaks with a heavy accent, indicating that she is not from any currently known region.

Despite her outwardly creepy appearance, Winter is actually quite warm to those who take the opportunity to look beyond her physical appearance. She is quiet for the most part, but understands the nature of death and the process of grief perhaps better than average.

Winter grew up far, far, far beyond the map currently displayed, and managed to make her way towards the tavern in a set of calculated jumps and trade routes. There is always a need for an undertaker amongst the poor, and most of her travels have taken her to a wide variety of places. She grew up surrounded by ice and snow, however, and feels more comfortable amongst tree-less tundra than anything else.

Winter has family. They all remained behind as she began to search the world for the answers and reasons for death and its understanding.

To provide the gift of death to those who request it, as part of her devotions and duty to the god Kelemvor. She is not so much concerned with the after-life as she is with the actual process of death and dying, and she will record all deaths in a small note-book she carries with her.

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