PC: Xani Wellston

Name: Xani Wellston
Player: TreeHuggingDruid
Details: Human, Rogue/Fighter, Soldier

Xani spent her younger years watching the soldiers in her town, amazed at their strength. She would hide from her parents and train to be just like the soldiers she watched. By the time she was old enough to become a soldier, she had perfected her use of weapons while also hiding from her disapproving parents. She joined the Lord’s Army and became one of the top assassins in the army. After a few years with the army, she felt like she was doing too much evil. She decided to leave the army and travel around to help others. Along her travels, she met a man named Michael Reeh. She now travels with him to show him life on the outside.

Magic Items:

Cloak of disguise self – a gift from┬áLiera to aid in disguising herself

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