PC: Xanis Winterdust

Name: Xanis Winterdust

Player: TemplarWarden

Race: Half-Drow

Gender: Male

Age: 24 (18) DoB: 23/1

Concept: His spirit shares his brother’s body and channels the power of an ancient Undead.

Xanis’ skin is a pale grey, almostly ghostly in the low light. Short and slender with slightly pointed ears and angular, noble facial structures, he bares far more resemblance to his elvish heritage than his father’s humanity. His good looks and quiet and gentle attitudes he can be seen as cute by those not put off by his race or other oddities.

Xanis’ eyes uncontrollably glow a gentle pale blue, looking into those depths can chill souls with the gentle inevitability and acceptance of death. A pair of red lines are tattooed across each eye. Deep red in stark contrast to his pale skin. His hair is a silvery white, more akin to the Drow.

Xanis is general shy, introverted and nervous around new people. Although he bears a passion and determination when he finds a reason to. He is a good soul, caring about others and often pushes his brother to aid people in need. He has a strong sense of right and wrong. A vehement opposition to imprisonment and oppression.

Much of his outward interactions are prompted by his brother and the ‘older’ Xotori is always looking out for Xanis and offering advice. The rest of the time he interacts with the world through his familiar Amaris. This is usually when he is most open and social around others. Feeling safer in his guise.

Xanis bares no visible weapons. He does not even need them. He wears a simple black leather vest and loose black leather pants, flaring out at the ankles. He typically wears a black cloak with a hood the regularly hides his face.

At his waist, on his belt is a heavy grimoire, The Bone Tome. A shale grey, rough material is pulled across it as binding. On the covers, bone has been used as edging and the symbol of the Great Unliving One is on the front, as well as the clasp holding it closed. The pages thick and covered with indecipherable arcane text that hurts when the uninitiated living try to read it.

A small raven, Amaris ,often rests on a leather pad on his shoulder. It’s feathers are pale grey, not the black ravens typically are. Its eyes seem to bear an intelligence of an unnatural kind.

Xullta – The Drow mother of Xotori and Xanis. Whose discovery of the The Bone Tome put her directly at odds with the leadership and ways of the Underdark Zone. Being slowly going mad attempting to decipher the book. She fled to the surface, taking up residence as a mad witch to the towns around.

Xotori – Xanis’ twin brother. Xanis shares shares his brother’s body, having been trapped there after their mother’s maddened ritual used The Bone Tome to bind Xanis’ soul when he died in birth. Doing the ritual also bound the brothers to the powers of the unnamed Great Unliving One, its unholy powers and undeath flows through them.

Xanis truly came into existence six years after his actual birth. Having been a soul loosely bound to his brother’s body, not a consciousness. He was brought to life when his brother first read the script of The Bone Tome, as if he was a newly born child. His brother effectively raised him, mentally from a child. Without constant access to a body to use and discover.

In the earliest days it was a struggle to suppress each consciousness. By pure will Xotori kept Xanis’ from their mother. It was not easy to teach Xanis basic bodily functions while keeping him hidden and both of them suffered under their mother. Although Xotori did what best he could to protect his brother.

When the brothers were twelve, the surrounding towns and villagers finally could cope with Xullta’s increasingly dangerous madness. A group of adventurers hunted her down. Xotori took the initiative, prompted by their patron, to steal The Bone Tome and flee. Leaving the drow woman without her greatest power. Despite his dislike of their mother, Xanis struggled to face her death and the burning of their home. He faced the unknown with trepidation.

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