PC: Yaha Silverwind

Name: Yaha Silverwind
PlayerTag: the dr of peppers
Details: Human, female, 19 years, fighter/ champion

Concept: A sharp shooter archer
Personality: Yaha is rather blunt, cold, awkward and logical, she has very little shill with her words nor does she understand basic human feelings, similar to love, hate and romance, she is distant from many people she feels are not trust worthy both in competence and loyalty to their word, when she pens up she is incredibly kind and understanding.

Abilities: Yaha is an average human in many cases, but is a very skilled craftsman and sharp shooter, and stands out because of her ability to hide and climb


Yaha is a noble from a far off desert city, she has shoulder length black curly hair, bronze skin and dark green eyes that appear more clearly because of the large number of emeralds on her jewelry. Yaha wears a breastplate with tassets, a leather undershirt, a gauntlet and amber colored pants tucked into her copper greaves/ sabaton.

leather armor, explorers pack, heavy crossbow, crossbow bolt case two hand crossbows, tinkers tools

Personality (traits, flaws, ideals, bonds):
Yaha is a rather forgiving optimistic and sometimes naive young noble, she is fairly outgoing she is also protective of her family secrets and by extension may appear to be distrusting at times. Yahas biggest personal rule is to avoid fighting and would often do her best not to escalate things until someone proves she is unable to stop the tension, because of this yaha is known to argue with her brother over who they should trust at rather inconvenient times. Yaha has a strong desire to learn and explore the world she had never been given the chance to see, she is know to spend allot of time maintaining and repairing her guns or crafting armor, and as her side hobby she has quite the knack for crafts.

Yaha was raised in a far off desert city as a noble, her only real contact with people were through her servants, her half brother Abner, her grand father, her cat and her father who ventured off into foreign lands 4 years ago. During this time she was allowed to do nothing but read and train to fight rather intensely which eventually caused her half brother to draw the line and run off with her but not before he attacked their grandfather leaving a rather nasty wound on his arm.

Yaha is the granddaughter of her cities ruling party and if he dies, there is a chance she may be next on the throne, her half brother who she has only met 10 years ago is in line after her and because of this feels really inclined to protect her. Yaha and abner share the same father who is currently overseas on a long political journey.

Yaha’s first goal is to avoid returning to her family until the trouble with her family is sorted out as well as keep her family drama a secret.

Yaha’s room is a small room in the attic storage by a lone window, there’s only enough room for a bunkbed and a two book shelves and a dresser.

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