PC: Ziro Sandshaper

Name: Ziro Sandshaper
Player: Spartans282
Details: Human, male, early 20s, Rogue
Ziro has brown hair brown eyes. Short cut on top. He has Black leather with a blue cloth drapped around his chest piece. He has a tattered black scarf the wraps around his neck covering his face and hangs down his back. He stays hooded with two Black Short swords on his hips, along with two daggers attached to his belt.
Sarcasm and Insults are my weapons of choice. Not the friendliest of people, But understands Law and order.
Magic Items
Boots: Boots of Haste

One thought on “PC: Ziro Sandshaper

  • 27th August 2016 at 12:22 am

    Died on the 25th of August due to his skull being pounded in with a warhammer.

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