Play D&D Anywhere with CharacTable

Play D&D Anywhere with CharacTable

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With the growth of tabletop roleplaying games, more new players surface to take on this beloved hobby. The advent of virtual tabletop services are well designed, easy to use, and readily available compared to the past, allowing players to play across the world. But the classic approach of a bunch of friends gathered together at a friend’s house to play a roleplaying game remains a staple and part of its fundamental identity. But not every home is equipped to handle a group of five to eight friends huddled together around a kitchen table or even in one’s living room without some loss of play space. Transportation of supplies such as character sheets, sourcebooks, and notepads can be a hassle which often leads to the loss of that snippet about a legendary artifact that you all found last week. Enter the CharacTable, designed by Matthew Lew, where players and their gamemasters can be organized and play virtually anywhere – from the couch to even outside.

CharacTables are portable lap tables that help keep everything organized for players. Each one serves as a lap table that can hold up to twenty character sheets, kept in place with strong neodymium magnets. There are trays to store and roll dice, or they can be rolled on the main board as well. Once you’re finished with your game session, you can put the lid on top, and everything is easily carried and stored safely until next time. There are even slots for keeping your phone or tablet secure during a session, which is excellent in an era of digital resources such as D&D Beyond. There are GM tabs that act as a screen for the Gamemaster board that can be written with a pencil for temporary notes and details or made permanent through Sharpie. CharacTables are designed with the philosophy to free your games to take place without a table. Definitely something worth considering for playgroups with tight gaming space or when there are no available kitchen tables available to play.

Matthew’s twenty years of experience in product design and fabrication, along with thousands of hours of feedback and tests from new and veteran players have to lead to the current models available for backers during this Kickstarter campaign. CharacTable is fully funded and currently unlocked several stretch goals including left-handed models, larger space for US/Canadian paper sizes, velcro book strap to help keep your gamebooks and table together for easy transport, and much more. The Mini-board starts at around £30 (or $42 USD), with the Old-School and Sci-Fi board ranging from £40 ($56 USD) to £45 ($63 USD) respectively. The GM board is structurally a larger board along with more components, topping off at £80 ($112 USD). There are some discounted bundles, such as the Mini-board four pack for £100 ($140 USD) to furnish the typical roleplaying playgroup. Shipping might be a concern for backers due to the weight of these physical rewards, with backers in the UK expecting £12 in shipping fees and backers in the US around £22. The campaign is a worthwhile endeavor for individuals looking to expand their play horizons and be less restricted to the traditional table setting of tabletop RPG.

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