Play with us!


Everything we do at Encounter Roleplay is done to spread our love of RPGs. The more people we can inspire to play, the better! And what better way to spread the love than to play directly with you, our viewers!

Viewer Games
We run a public game of DnD online for our viewers every Thursday! This is as good as it gets: play live DnD with Encounter Roleplay! Trust us, it’s not “too good to be true.” It’s just gooooood. Check out how to hop into one of our Thursday games here!

Discord Tavern RP
Join Encounter Roleplay’s free, dedicated Discord server (in browser or app!) for ongoing in-character roleplaying chatrooms! You can even spend some of your hard-earned Twitch gold to upgrade your character sheet and build our world! Find out more here!

Playtesting Partnerships
The crowd-funding renaissance era of tabletop RPGs is in full swing, and we couldn’t be more excited! Always eager to try new systems and check out awesome games, Encounter Roleplay offers sponsored playtesting partnerships to help indie developers of RPGs and RPG tools to pressure-test their designs with our experienced team!