Discord Tavern RP

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 1.42.58 PMWelcome to The Gilded Galgatron!

UPDATE: Currently the Tavern is under Renovation until November 7th while we perform some major updates, so Roleplaying is put on hold until then.

The Gilded Galgatron is Encounter Roleplay’s exclusive text-based roleplaying tavern! Here you can enjoy rich, inclusive, character driven chatroom-style roleplaying live with the whole Encounter community! We host these tavern chatrooms on our Discord Server, keeping them active 24/7 and fully accessible on mobile so we can all role-play on the go! If you’re a fan of text-base role-play, or are interested in trying it out, we’d love you to come join us! To keep things fair and running smoothly, PLEASE READ all of the pages below and WAIT until your character is live on the site before you start roleplaying in chat!

Colourful characters and enrapturing stories await!

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